Saturday, November 15, 2008

this post is for YOU

Hey... so
whats everyone doing this weekend?
I decided to combine the tasks of tagging and just post about it here. Later I will post about the yummy food I have made including my wonderful exciting breakfast!!!

I wanted to tag but not decide which one they will choose... Maybe 11/or 11/13????
Beauty and the bread from...
I havent really seen her tagged but I am hoping she will do this so we can get a glimpse into her world a bit!

Lula Lee at
I really enjoy her blog, and she needs to do MORE this month.. so maybe a MEME??? Please?

Shelby at becuase she is working her butt off at school and needs to take a break and fill this out. I didnt see any other Memes on her blog either, but if you go visit her she might do this!!


beauty and bread said...

Ok, ok, I'm okay with this MEME thing. Actually, I'm kind of new to all this blogging stuff, so I don't even really know what that is (I've seen it a couple places, but I tried looking it up on wikipedia, and I didn't get it at all). I'm assuming it's the survey kinda thing? Do I just answer the questions, or do I have to do anything else?


i posted on your blog what to do.. if you find someone youd like to read the answers to.. ask them to do it.
I hope you have fun!

Miss Marie said...

This is late but I shot a wedding this weekend and then slept all yesterday because shooting weddings is really unbelievable exhausting. Now I'm downloading all the images and starting to edit them.

And I love those blogs you listed as well. :)

How was your weekend?