Sunday, November 23, 2008

me?? cool??

 well we are here and mostly unpacked. Mom made a great dinner of vegetables for me,  and with the kids in bed we can rest from all the driving and driving and driving!!
I opened a comment and saw that River had sent me an award! 
Its an honor enough that I have people that consistently read my blog and leave wonderful comments.. but to get an award is always so nice!!
While I wouldnt say that I am a cool veggie mom.. I am hoping to get there so that when my girls are old enough to  make consistent decisions about a compassionate lifstyle. Maybe even some activism, which I havent really done. I am happy to say though that when I was driving my husband asked me some questions about "what if we stopped killing the cows, would they just roam free like the deer? would there be cow season like deer season?" While I dont have all the answers, its good to communicate things and talk about what can be done. If you have any thoughts on such a conversation, I would appreciate hearing them.