Wednesday, November 12, 2008

a feast of photos not in order....

Tada! Look its Seitan! I finally found a recipe that I thought would be good enough to fool a tough crowd and yet easy enough for me to try!! I have to apologize becuase I actually made bbq sauce and coleslaw and had this on a monster sandwich for dinner.. but only took a photo of the finished product from grilling it. I wanted to make it like "pulled meat" so I cut it thinly and small.
Susan kept eating it out of the bowl while we waited for the rest of the goodies to be made. Both girls really loved it, and though I think I could have done better with the bbq sauce this was very good. Its from Vcon I did the slaw and the bbq sauce from the book. My husband thought it was chicken!! But I couldnt let him enjoy this meal without the credit it deserved. Plus I was eating it, so he figured something was "different"... lol cant really fool a meat eater when you are eating it too.. So I am ready to try my hand at it home made. More to come on that..
More great grilling.. this is the last of my teriyaki tofu. I fell in love with this, and was so happy to find it on sale. I did use it before the date (cause I am a weirdo about that stuff) but this was my last harrah! I want to mention that this is a small shot of my vegenaise. This is the one product that SOLD me on how great eating vegan can be.. why you ask??? Well my journey started because I was getting sick all the time... and it was due to an egg allergy. It was at the beginning of summer when everyone was making potato salad and macaroni salad.. and just salad dressing in general... I had been emailing with Erik Marcus @ and when I saw this for sale online it was like I was welcomed back into the world of eating.  ok enough name dropping..
"I'm leaving on a JET PLANE" This is our Juicer! We got it off craig's list. I love bartering. Please barter with me. I even found a good use for our glasses from our wedding.. yummy carrot apple and lettuce juice. 
This is my trip to the "asiana" store. I got veggie potstickers (I think) some great noodles (I think) and one of those mats since I roll my own sushi but didnt have one.. and green tea MACHA (I really really hope) for a recipe from Vcon about green tea cookies. My greatest sadness in life is that my brain isnt a downloadable computer so that I can speak every language.. I think this is Korean.... maybe..
And here was just a great shot of breakfast. I wanted to try something new, since I either skip breakfast or make oatmeal.  Now my brain froze and I forget what its called.. AHHHHH!!! oh mueslix!