Monday, July 20, 2009

what's on the menu

We have this new store in town called the sunshine farmers market. They have the most reasonable prices even compared to our commissary for produce. I am in a phase where I am not eating meat or starches.. starches being the new 86'ed item, but its just for a while.
I was able to buy a TON of stuff for only 35 bucks!!

Anyhow I found lobster mushrooms and cant wait to build a meal around them.
Our garden is doing well, I picked a handful of peas this morning and the radishes are all finished producing. There have been four zucchini and that was just the time through.
My rhubarb is not doing well. It hasnt gotten any taller and the once giant patch that I gave some stalks away from hasnt bounced back yet. I think its the baby bird that took of residence for a while and left behind some little notes.

All in all, I am looking forward for the next two weeks when the cucumber and the tomatoes (which I am just waiting for them to turn red) can be enjoyed.

Still in the market for a camera... sorry no picks today. Hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back again!

Its been a little busy. We bought a house, painted it, moved our furniture in, revived the lawn, plated our garden, had a birthday party, had reconstructive surgery, went on vacation, and finally made it back home again.
It was so good to see the beach again. I think its been three years!
Anyhow. Hopefully you havent thought me for the bermuda triangle or something. As many drastic changes outside there have been amazing things going on inside!
But there will be time for that later.
Here is what I am looking at today.
As we speak I am making wonderful Vegan french toast. I think the recipe is in Veganomicon. My book hates me, it keeps hiding and I can only find it when I am looking for other things not related to cooking.
Thankfully some blogger out there had it and I could make it. I like the chickpea flour, corn starch, and vanilla soy milk recipe. I will try to post it, so that at least I can find it again next time.

I am going to put up a picture of my garden, since that is what this blog was mostly about.. kinda.. and hopefully get back into the swing of it all.
Plus there is a new cookbook out that I am wanting to dive into and hey wont it be Vegan Month of Food again soon!!!!
Hello to all and I cant wait to see what youve been up to this summer!

Here is the side view of the peas and the cucumbers. We have radishes between the tomatoes and that pretty much (with next picture) is our garden!!
Here is a view of the tomatoes in the back you might be able to make out the row of peas, and closest to you is our squash and the trellis for our cucumbers.. I might move it for the peas instead...