Thursday, November 13, 2008

hurrah hurrah

So, today I visited the natural grocers in town. I missed seeing the friendly face of the produce manager. He always gives me way more information than I know what to do with.. but its always exciting. He has been telling me I can get my carrots and apples in bulk and save money. I should post a pic of my very small apartment and see where we could fit all those yummies!
The frozen corn and peas and mixed veggies were on a great sale so I grab what I could fit in my freezer and a few things I needed. I got peanut oil to make the Baby Bok Choy from Vcon. wow. I have a pic but I am too lazt to go through the hoops. Plus I have found Silk NOG yipppeeee!
But anyhow I have to say the kids gobbled up the bok choy even if they couldnt figure out how to say what it was "Broccoli" Bok Chips"... etc. The crunchy shallots in the peanut oil were soooo good.
I am just worried that I am making all these foods that should just be made for special occasions???
Well I am doing a test run on the "chinese take out (in) menu" From Vcon for a friend who is adopting her son from China and gets home on Sunday. I am making a meal for them and she knows I am Vegan.. I think she will at least like the Bok Choy.. I dont know about the green tea dessert..
I was tagged so I need to post about that now..

Random fact about me....
My hair doesnt stay red for very long when I dye it. I am trying to go back to natural but its was platinum blonde... so I was having fun with the red. I felt like Susan Serandon or something. I struggle with hair color envy... the kind of hair color that doesnt make people look like the havent slept for weeks and washed out.. Miss Marie has really pretty hair...

I have a pogo addiction. I play on with my friend Mhoney.. my name is Missey 8385 and it says I am from Barcelona. I didnt make up the profile, but my friend lets me use it. The games vary from frogs jumping lily pads.. to solitare and popping balloons. It helps me get my mind off of stress and the games are so dumb at times that my mind can just defrag...

I was a stalker to my husband. He is very shy and quiet, and very handsome. I beat out millions of women who wanted him. It was like The Bachelor except we were in college and he didnt make out with ANY of us. (some of that was a joke) Our first kiss was our wedding day... and no one believed me when I told them I was engaged.. they thought I lost my mind. It didnt help that at times he would pretend not to know me.... He did ask me out once in front of 700 students. We went to a hockey game and when the crowd screamed for a goal (or a fight) He yelled "I LOVE MELANIE" but.. yeah.. I didnt hear it.. he told me later.

My desk is always messy but I am a freak about having a clean house. At night the shoe makers elves dumb loads of mail and crayon drawings and orders for products on my clean counter. If I dont stay on top of them they try to multiply the dishes in my sink. I gave away alot of dishes becuase I got tired of washing them. But that doesnt help my desk, because I would have to get rid of the desk.. not the things piled on it..

I like going and staying in hotels. It doesnt matter where we go, its just nice to get away. Bed and Breakfasts are even better but with kids they are harder to come by. I like arriving after long hours of driving the kids strip down and jump in the tub and then jump on the beds. I get a queen with Natalie and Susan either sleeps with me too or hogs the other bed. They manage to write something on every piece of paper they provide (like marking territory) and I like to surf for the movies that are on demand. Once in a while we get room service. Its fun.

Most nights I sleep on the couch. Last night my husband was snoring, the cat always sleeps on my pillow and the kids try to climb in bed about four times. If I am asleep on the couch I sleep through all of that and Jerami gets to wake up with a bed full of monkeys!!

I think that Sweet November is alot like the story of my life. Granted to some she was a loose woman who had a new boyfriend every month (and that part does NOT describe me), But she also was so impacted by the events of her life that she wanted to be an impact on others. Jerami says I have her personality, and he could see me breaking in to rescue dogs. This was even before I was vegan. I have the movie memorized and I always cry at the end. I feel at such a loss to not have Sarah Deaver for December at the end of the movie.. sniff sniff....

Okay so now I am really getting behind with the tagging. But I just dont know who is into these things too!!! I love that someone wants to read the randomness in my head.. I feel like I am in such a cool little group. So I promise to find some people that I havent tagged a bunch already and see whats in their head!!

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River said...

Your random facts are fascinating! You stalked your husband and your first kiss was on your wedding day! That is very unique!

My desk is always messy too. I just can't help it. It's always full of recipes, little notes, books, coupons...