Sunday, November 2, 2008

finally a photo!!

I know its been a while for pictures. Sorry, I have to take the card out of the camera and then load it onto my usb and then plug that into the apple... But your worth it!!  Speaking of worth it, I was feeling like I deserved some delicious vegan ice cream since I am doing my best to leave to kids halloween candy alone. Before I can ask them to refrain I have to show them I can, and help them to do it. And have yummy things to enjoy in their stead!!  I have to say my oldest wasnt that impressed. But thats okay, we will keep trying!

Next up is some well needed reading.  I do hope some day to come up with my own recipes, I just feel that its best to go with what I know will work. I hope you'll understand my own journey... finding what I can give my kids and use to replace the meals we once ate. I guess its just a stepping stone, and I have heard about these books over and over again!! The knitting is just something I have always wanted to learn. While I can make things with crochet, I am NOT a domestic diva... I am more like the princess in the pea.. ha ha ha.. thats my facebook name!
Now onto tonight's dinner... My favorite Tofu.. Yup you heard me right, I found one I love. Its the thai flavored tofu from westsoy. I had another flavor.. cant think of it right now, but I posted on it, so there were a few marked down for sell date and I figured if I like it why not get two! So here is my LAST piece of NAAN and some lettuce, and that is IT. It was so good. Thats a big deal for me, I usually cant eat that much tofu.. I also picked up some seitan and hope to figure out what to do with it. I dont know if I need to make my own and season it in the process to really enjoy it or if I can pull something off with the store bought stuff. I will post more later.. hopefully with the help of these books. 
Today I also got juiced! I crammed a bunch of lettuce and some carrots into the Jet engine and voila.. good enough for wilma flintstone and  me!! I felt so good ALL day...
One more great pic of food!! Here is the salad my husband brought home to me last night, I was posting while eating it, but too lazy to upload the picture. It has some pecans and just a mesculine mix. It was so nice of him, since the woman I babysat for made hotdogs for her kids and I hadnt eaten!!
Lastly Here is a great video from Miss Marie. I am not really original, so dont be surprised if I nab something great off YOUR blog... Its a good message and I have to say I was almost peeing my pants at Borats inappropriate comments. 


Sanja said...

The Tempeh crumbles, punk rock chickpea gravy and the spicy cajun fries are my favorites from VwaV. And I'm dying to get my hands on My Sweet Vegan. And that ice cream!

Celine said...

coconut ice cream, por favor! I haven't managed to find this one just yet. and you're right, you totally deserved to treat yourself to something nice...cream. (oy, bad one, I know.)


well, I found some great gluten free recipes from my sweet vegan.. but nothing that said "go get the ingredients for this NOW".. I got my ice cream from what was once called vitamin cottage, not natural grocers... I want to buy a mixer and make my own!!

Miss Marie said...

LOVE Borat in that video! HaHa. He's awesome.