Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring... springing back and forth between winter!

Tonight we set our clocks forward an hour. Secretly I have been changing the time over the last few days and making the kids go to bead earlier in hopes to get them on the new schedule. I havent done this for myself though.. so it will be a system shock all week! Its okay though.
We have had some nice weather and my crocuses (sp?) are popping out. I can hardly wait to see what we will have in our flower beds and gardens this year. I wonder if my rhubarb will truly come back like its supposed to, and the same for my strawberries but the hope of a real bounty instead of the 4 that grew last year.

I am learning a lot about friendship right now. It seems that I make a friend and then for six months we seem joined at the hip.. and then one or both of us get busy and weeks go by. i still have one faithful friend that leaves me voicemail messages and tries to connect. It makes my heart feel good. But I am also a little saddened that one of my recent friends is just going through such a hard time that its hard for her to keep talking about the fact that things are still hard.

I know that I am talking about something that is personal and not giving details... but I struggle sometimes with the people God puts in my path and how long they are there. Unless we have a tight bond and need for babysitting life just gets so busy that friendships end up like plants you havent watered for a while.

So, as I think of spring and plants and the analogy of dying house plants and friendships.. I hope that with each new day there is a little more growth in all areas and wonderful blessings to reap.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

It is what it is.

So I am not sure who my viewers might be, but in this moment I am just going to take some time and talk about life.
Life is a funny thing. Mostly becuase its a good idea to have a sense of humor when going through it. I cant believe its only two months into this year, so much life has happened.
Since you've seen me post last for example, I was a temporary foster parent. I would rather not go in depth about the situation, but I am so thankful for friendships and knowing in my heart that when a friend that I love had a need, we expressed our love and reached out. I am truly grateful to my friend and will always feel that she does more for me than I can repay and have learned so much through that situation. Oh and like I said it was temporary, everything worked out. Also... I turned 30! I know I know.. we are moving right along.
I found my half sister, and was trying to get the fund together to do a test. But while all that was happening, I learned that she is so happy with her life. I learned that my news was really just a disturbance in the flow of things and almost feel like I am going to just move on and let it go. Plus its not happening for me to make the test possible right now. So while I am so impressed with the woman that she is, and delighted by both the things we have in common and the way we differ.. I am at this point going to let things be. Food blog. Where did that go? I felt that as I was transitioning back into certain foods and not 100% vegan that I couldnt post the food or talk about it. It felt unfair. I do still make quite a few things, but my family never really transitioned into it and I dont know that we will ever be 100%. I do understand what that means, I do still think vegan is the healthiest and that I am contributing to an animals demise. But since I am kinda on the fence I am going to play the card that says "I will be pro active to make changes to the best of my ability, both for my family and for the world I live in and care about". If I have lost you because I am not "hard core" than I would rather lose you than offend you. If your still here, than I think this blog will start to evolve. It will always be a place for my family and life and what we are growing and learning.. so I think this is just a natural flow. Or its an extreme and spontaneous change.. all in all thats still me too.
So I am taking the blog back, making no promise to normalcy or routine... and hoping to be more active and accountable to those that seem to find my ramblings interesting enough.