Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Round One

1. Who did you spend at least two hours with today?
Well I didnt spend individual time.. but I spent two hours with bridal hopefuls. It was fun they were gushing about their wedding day and I was gushing about getting them a registry. Some real WORK.. which I am normally not doing..

2. What do you look forward to most in the next six weeks?
In order:
. The end of the class Jerami is taking. Poor guy has been studying and preparing for tests the last two weeks...
. Thanksgiving.. ME TOO!! I am going to a friends house this year, its usually family or hubby is deployed and we are alone.. and this is my FIRST VEGAN thanksgiving. I am gathering ideas and also looking into robin's cook book.. I will link it soon.
. The end of this six week fast that I keep falling off the wagon for. lol
. Getting to use the Nooch yeast and Vital gluten in a recipe..
Cant think of anything else?

3. Who was the last person you called?
a "coworker" Susie. She wanted to help at the bridal expo but we ended up going out for coffee.. cause I was packing up as she arrived.

4. What were you doing at 12am last night?
I was dreaming of Lex Luthor. Ahh he is such a lost cause but I am so hooked on him right now. That and the fact that we are watching marathons of Smallville which I used to LOATHE. There was just something hot about him when he hooked up with Lana. Maybe I could write myself in as a kryptonite freak that removes the evil from others.. and I could be his redemption... yup its an obsession!!

5. What did you fear was going to get you as a child?
the boogie man. Or the bird.. I have a weird family that gets a kick out of freaking out young children yelling words like "THE BIRD" I thought a giant owl was going to get me. But I was once afraid of robbers too, then I took a self defense class. now I say BRING IT! (But not really, esp now that I have kids..)

6. When did you last see your mom?
In July.. so sad... we live so far away. Truth be told I have like a million moms.. no not really but I have more than one set.... I saw my birth mom about a year ago at my Papa's funeral. We live out west and "all" my famil(ies) live out east..

7. What are you wearing right now?
Ha ha ha a towel.. but that info is only for LEX. (I am going to get on p.j.s now)

8. Where is your favorite place to be?
I once spent time in a cabin in York Beach Maine. It was so wonderful. But I like being most places, I bring my own weather with me so its always nice where ever I am. (ten points to whomever can tell me the book thats in)

9. Where is your least favorite place to be?
Sitting on the bed or standing in the room waiting for the kids to stop fighting and GO TO SLEEP. I feel like I could be doing a million other things but if I leave while they are goofing off I loose more time still!!

10. Where would you go if you could go anywhere?
Smallville. just kidding!!! I would like to spend a day back in time to my first year of marriage during the first winter when Jerami put lights outside on a real tree (that was laying sideways) and had made hot chocolate and played Nat King Cole for me while we sat and listened on the chair of a 15 passenger van..

11. Where do you think you’ll be in 10 years?
maybe in a house with a great big yard so that the kids can play outside all day during the summer and I can have a garden. I will be having tea parties and the girls will be dressed up in all my costume jewelry. I will have a great gym IN my house and will be training with Lance Armstrong on my ipod to a picture of Michael Rosenbaum to keep me motivated. I will have a great Dane or rescued greyhound and maybe a smaller dog to dress up, and spoil.
I hope that I will still be having my spatula parties and that I will continue to develop my business skills. My husband by that point will have reached his career term and will make a full time job of playing xbox. But thats okay. I will have a teeanager by then so her boyfriend can play too!!

12. What was the last thing that really made you laugh?
Telling someone how I am always catching something on FIRE in my kitchen.. forget pampered Chef.. its PYRO chef!!

13. What cities/towns/villages have you lived in?
Oxon Hill Maryland
Montpelier Virginia
Beverly Massachusetts
Petersburg West Virginia
Pottersville New York
Newcastle Wyoming
Colorado Springs Colorado
Hudson Florida
Oakland Maryland

14. Are you a social person?
I love to be the center of attention. But not ALL attention is wanted.

15. What do you like about winter?
I love how everything gets to have a blanket when the snow first falls.
I like to drink hot chocolate
I like to decorate with snowman and get to leave them up until March in Colorado!!
Its the season when its my Birthday!!
I love how it reminds me that we all need a rest, the trees all sleep and animals hibernate and its so peaceful
I love watching my kids play in the snow and dragging them all around on a sled.
I love eating yummy soups

Round Two -
Unconscious Mutterings:

I say … and you think … ?

Coverage :: How I need to get on p.j.s
Cynical :: How I feel sometimes about getting the things I want in life
Gust :: I think Gusto and some phrase about grab all the gusto
Improvised :: This is like the word that describes my life. Maybe because I am not always prepared or because its so fun
V :: Vermont.. and an article I read about Ben and Jerry's and Breastmilk.
Guests :: Thursday and my open house!!!
Brutal :: I think of RENT and how angel's boyfriend got beat up.. going blank on his name
Grant :: Hugh Grant... idk
Pull :: persuasion
Streaming :: Christmas decor

Now for the tagging...
I am going to get back to this.. because I want to find some fresh people to tag!!


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Are you in the wedding industry too? :)

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