Saturday, November 1, 2008

no mo' mofo'ers

I really debated bringing mofo to an end on my own blog.. because I started late and missed over half the month and wanted to offer a "days beyond mofo" since, I am going to cook and eat even when Mofo is gone.
But I am such a rebel, I didnt want to let go. I didnt want to lose the great ideas from river and her Halloveegan page, I didnt want to lose the great recipes, tips, and ratings on new foods sampled. But most of all I didnt want to lose the joy of seeing what new things my favorite bloggers were posting.
But I have to say, just becuase I call something a mofo post dosnt mean that somewhere (at least here) mofo is still going on.
I did decide however, that November is a great month to make up MY OWN thing!! And its a good kick in the pants to get ready for the new year and all our resolutions...
First, I need to do some research... I have been switching over to a vegan lifestyle since May of 2008.. and even though we have our "moments" we have been doing really really well with it. Even my husband (though, he is not ashamed to enjoy the things that I wont anymore, but he does support me and tries most of what I cook *no tofu*)
But anyway, I want to research more about micro or macro biotics and juices, I want to learn more about legumes (ha ha ha I really dont even know what that is!!) and also... how to make this a seamless switch so we dont have "moments" where the kids are in a tough situation with omni foods... and that I know enough recipes that I am not just doing the same old thing.
I think its great to do inventory and work on what needs strengthening.. so thats my theme.
Where do I go from here...
I wish it was a cool Mofo thing.. like "life after Mofo".. ha ha ha ha


Becks - Not a Rabbit. said...

November is 'World Vegan Month' so that's a good excuse to keep on blogging ~ maybe call it 'World Vegan MoFo' :o)


oh Fantastic!!!

Becks - Not a Rabbit. said...

I think I've settled on 'WoVeMo'.
Happy WoVeMo aplaceforus!

But whatever you decide to call it, I look forwards to reading more from you :o)

beauty and bread said...

I think I might join in with your WoVeMo! Lately I've been wanting to do a little research, too. I know what you mean about those "moments" and the importance of having a variety of recipes so it doesn't get boring. If it is any help, here are some things I try to do:
-keep a few cans of beans on hand for emergencies(it's cheaper and more economical and uses less packaging to use dried, so I prefer to do that, but sometimes, you just don't have 8 hours...)
-lentils cook pretty quickly compared to other legumes, so those are a good choice to have on the shelf
-have a lot of fruit around for snacking
-keep raw nuts and seeds and dried fruit on hand for snacking or throwing in EVERYTHING (salads, cereal, oatmeal, rice, vegetables, soups...)
-use fresh herbs and spices to add flavor
-i make fresh bread and slice it and freeze it in a ziploc. that way, when i don't have time to fix breakfast or when i need a quick snack, i can pull it out and throw it in the toaster oven with a little tahini and marmite
-it may help to have some packaged food for your kids, like brown rice "marshmallow" bars, in case you're in a fix. you can also find tons of recipes (some of which actually are pretty easy and don't take too much time) to make your own crackers and snacks. they're probably healthier, you can control what you put into them, they'll cost you less to make, and you can feel rewarded for knowing you made them!

hope this helps! i'm interested to hear what you learn and what other tips you have.