Friday, March 20, 2009

welcome home

Today we bought our new house!! Yay! I feel so excited and want to bring everything over and stat living there now.. and yet when I go to pack I think "what to take this time.....?"
Its all a bit much to try and write. But I didnt want to miss the mile marker. 

Monday, March 16, 2009

the love of food is back

you cant imagine how incredibly hungry I have been, as I try to navigate through what I can eat and what will give me terrible pain...
So tonight I went back to the basics of picking a recipe and giving it a try.
If you remember I tried to make seitan and it was HORRIBLE. I mean, its bad enough I dont really like tofu all that much (I do have 2 recipes I love) but now "wheat meat too?"

Well, tonight I made the chickpea cutlets from Veganomicon. They are so FABULOUS I love them. I mean really they are so very very delicious :)
I will post picks but I just had to say that I am so glad I found something to get excited about and it was food related.
Even the girls really liked it.. though Susan had to give it a second bite to decide for sure.
so.. anyhow I think I am BACK.. so here is hoping so at least!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

tummy response

Dear Melanie,
Thank you for the letter. The truth is the very first sentence in your letter was the biggest key to your issues. You see, there is this strange little sore inside of here. All of those lemons just seemed to make it angry and then it started to act up.
I think after a few more tests you can see what I am talking about, and find out what you need to do.
Does this mean we wont be vegan anymore?
rumbly tumbly

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dear tummy

Dear tummy, 
two weeks ago we started this fantastic liver cleanse in the mornings, warm water and half a lemon squeezed into to. With a spring in my step and a load off my body (hee hee) the days were starting out good.
Fruit for breakfast and a piece of bread with almond butter as snack.. you seemed so content and satisfied.
Then came the wonderful salads for lunch that made panera vegan envious. and the snacks of red bell peppers and carrot sticks with hummus seemed certain to please.
And now.. it is day two of this awful rebellion.. 
You woke me at 530 am yesterday, with pain and a train going through my system.. since I ended my cleanse. When the pain was intolerable, you made me pass out and wake up on the bathroom floor wondering "how did I get here?"
Now.. I must face the inskilled, overbooked doctors at the base clinic and here it is 5 am and you are giving me grief. Dont you know I cant make an appt until 730?
Dreams of yummy food filled my mind while applesauce and bananas and gatorade filled my growling tummy.
Why must you treat me this way!!!
disgruntled intestinal track owner