Sunday, November 16, 2008

I thought it was interesting, to say the least. So, here goes:

1. List the last 5 people who have commented on your blog
2. If you’re on my list then you should do the meme on your blog too. (Although this is part of the rules, this is a very complicated and time consuming meme. I loved doing it, would love to read your answers, but I won’t make anybody do it. Most of you are too busy.)

1. beauty and bread
2. river
3. miss marie
4. bex
5. jess (of get sconed!)

1: What is your favourite post from number 3’s blog?

October 16 I think. Its the first post I read and she was talking about what she felt blessed about. but then she also got her purse stolen.. and she was real about how it made her feel.. and everything between those two has been a chance to see some great things in a wonderful person.. and delicious food!!

2. Has number 5 taken any pictures that have moved you?
The house of dreams post.. She was hanging with Isa eating great food for a great cause! I wish (alot of times) that I had those opportunities.. we do have a small vegetarian group out here, but I havent been able to participate much. I was moved to see a great community getting together for something beyond themselves. I want to be part of that someday.. I am looking into food not bombs in my area...

3. Does number 3 reply to comments on their blog?

Miss Marie is very welcoming and also posts on other's blogs. She is great about following up on a question too!

4. Which part of blogland is number 2 from?

I believe River's post says midwest. I am not sure.

5. If you could give one piece of advice to number 4 what would it be?

have you seen her blog? I am sure I have NO advice that could make perfect any better.

6. Have you ever tried something from number 1’s blog?

I am eyeing a couple things. Maybe when I get a full nights sleep and can wake at bakers hours to rise knead and bake.. I havent baked in MONTH.. (aside from zuchinni bread and cakes.. not bread though!)

7. Has number 2's blogged something that inspired you?

Seeing how creative vegan food and cooking can be was awesome during Vegan Mofo. River was amazing with her little ghosts and dracula cookies. She should have printed and sold that as a BOOK for halloween to be judged by. I want to be that creative someday.. and she is so easy going about it.. like "look how fun" and not like "so how will your cookbook recipe review compare to my genuis little eyeball cupcake?"...!!! lol

8. How often do you comment on number 3’s blog?

I like to comment alot. I feel like posts are converstations (sometimes) and that people want to hear feedback. Then again, I dont want to be a stalker, so I just sometimes talk about her on my blog instead!!

9. Do you wait for number 4 to post excitedly?

Yes, because she does great little photos with captions or bubble talk.. its great!!

10. How did number 5’s blog change your life?

I guessed for a while I thought most vegans were pot smoking hippies. LOL.. I really came into this with just an allergy and was looking for a way to enjoy life without missing what I couldnt have. Its not really in a moral/ethical way.. but she just looks like she is having so much fun! Who doesnt want to live through her vicariously?

11. Do you know any of the 5 bloggers in person.

No. So which one of you is going to invite me over first?

12. Do any of your 5 bloggers know each other in person?
I dont know that one?

13. Out of the 5, which updates more frequently?

now that MOFO is over I dont know.. they are not meeting my need quota of great blogs to read!! No really, I think that when they do post its great stuff. I think maybe Miss Marie, but I could be wrong.

14. Which of the 5 keep you laughing?

Probably bex with her posts, and miss marie with our comments.. the things we have in common.. they're funny. Maybe in a "you do that too?" sort of way..

15. Which of the 10 has made you cry? Well no tears yet. but who knows!


Miss Marie said...

AWWWWW! This is the sweetest meme I've ever seen. I'm literally leaning over my laptop with a huge smile. Thanks you!!!! :)

I will definitely have to do this one.

And you are more than welcome to come hang out in Orlando with us anytime! ;) Bring the kids, we like kids.

River said...

You are SO SWEET!! You totally made my day with this post! It's such a huge confidence boost when fellow bloggers enjoy our posts. Thank you so much for such a sweet shoutout! I want to send you 1,000 happy vegan ghosts and Dracula cookies! :D

I keep hearing everyone talk about Miss Marie, I'm going to go check out her blog!


This WAS a fun meme.. But it actually asked for TEN of the last comments and I didnt have that many people!!
Miss Marie:
We are planning another trip to Disney so we will swing by and pick you up.. or I can let the kids have a day and we can cook!!
River.. the best part of your blog is that you gave the recipe!! So maybe next halloween there will be 1,000 little vegan goodies at our place! Just as long as I dont end up looking like one of those ghosts!!

Bex said...

hehe this looks like fun. I'll probably do this when I'm kicking back on the couch after dealing with the crazies all day. Thanks!