Saturday, October 18, 2008

then end of a season

So here is the recipe:
1 can white beans undrained, 
3 large yukon gold potatoes- rinsed peeled and thinly sliced
1 pkg Shitake mushrooms 
1 cup chopped kale
Veggie boulion and vegetable broth (one can)
1 cup water
This is alot like the recipe on but you can see the obvious differences, like the musrooms, they really flavored the broth nicely and not draining the beans did so as well. But I added water because I needed more liquid with all my goodies. This made 3 heaping bowls, which I ate MOST of.. Nattie had quite a bit too though!

Well its not been that long ago that I posted what our garden looked like before weeds and oh plants were growing (shock)!! But today we had to go "clean it out" for the next season and now it has come to an end. the last of our zucchini and squash were donated to the zoo and my poor hands have little cuts from a million splinters that a certain weed gave me. Dont know which one.
Last night we did in fact go to the zoo and I will post pics.. so here it goes..
Pics of the zoo and a semi original recipe from me... or one that was just messed with alot, sorry about the blur, one day I will have a tripod and a camera that doesnt eat my batteries!!!
My kids are on each end.. and I told them "Its halloween your supposed to be scared not happy".. lol and they took me literally....

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