Monday, October 20, 2008

the rest of the story.

Yummy sweet potato fries, a weird "flavored tofu dessert".. caramel (thumbs down) and a morracan (sp?) lentil dish from fantastic foods I think. This was "what is in my cabinet day"!!
Since the tofu was sadly dissapointing AND my friend forget about me and my sickly self (to bring me some yummy butternut squash) I decided to make chocolate chip cookies from v*omicon
It called for oat flour, which I probably had but thought it was neat to make my own with oatmeal...
Shockingly I was out of granulated Sugar (must have been robbed!!) so I used half of the measurement in Confectioners sugar.. cause its the same yo! I also didnt have flaxseeds.. but decided to carry on with my lack of ingredients and switcheroos... Below are the fabulous results!! I agree they are best dipped in Silk.. as they said in the book. Mine were like pecan sandies.. a cookie which idk if they are vegan but they had the similar texture.  I will have to make them again, of course following the ingredient list and directions better next time! My man thought they were only a C when he tried them.. but with liquids he said an A !!! He loves the zucchini bread recipe off the ppk site.. EVERYONE should try that recipe!

And lastly, I was honored today by someone that subscribed to my posts. Now there's pressure to step up and put out some good information. I hope I have been anyway. I hope I am also showing some great ways to switch what you might be eating (carnivores) to some great tasting things that are better in so many many ways.. I read an article (among many) about someone that was at an auction and staying with the animals before they were auctioned off. I wanted to sob with her, and often wondered if they would let you give them apples or something.. I dont know... but if you cant do that you can at least stop supporting it by making these great cookies and dishes instead.. I will step off the soap box now...


Celine said...

ze fries! ze fries! I haven't had any for so long, but haven't taken the time to make'em yet. shame on me.

Agnesss =) said...


Thank YOU SO MUCH for the nice comment on my blog...=D

I can see you have some interesting inspirations here..:))

Well..yeah...we should spread our VEGAN NATURE over other people...!!
They should GOOD it is to live CRUELTY-free...!!


Will wait for you :)
Have a nice time..!!


Hey Celine and agnesss,
Thanks for stopping by! They fries were super easy, I broiled them and then baked them... and agnesss, your blog looked like a blast so I had to stop by!! I will be back so keep bringing great things to us!!

Tienke said...

Yum, Yam fries! I made some too today, before i read this. Funny how things spread through the blogospere. Have fun in Chicago+ big compliment on your garden (and kids). How do you do it.? I only have 1 16month old and feel ocmpletely wiped out!