Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hi! Here is another post that shows my sad photography skills. Here is the good stuff that keeps me going... I take Deva Vegan vitamins Proudly bought through Vegan.com's link which supports my fave blogger. He does great podcasts and emails back. I thought he was just another awesome patient veteran vegan and then I found out he is the AUTHOR of Meat Market (and some others things I plan to read...) He didnt mind that I stalked him, and continues to encourage me to get more active. But anyhow, back to the picture!! I take a vegan multi vitamin mineral suplement... that has b-12, a calcium and magnesium PLUS and an omega-3 dha. As Erik says, you dont leave the house with out brushing your teeth.. so it goes that you need to take your supplements... (I really really try to remember!!!)
Tonights dinner was almost a hodgepodge.. but its much more liquid so I guess its a soup with pasta. I have one oven baked potato, the last zucchini from my garden, a handful of mushrooms, and the rest of my kale... which I had such big plans for..... lastly I had some nemo pasta from the whole foods store (forget the brand) and I had homemade (mom and dad's) jarred tomato juice from the garden. The "broth" was the tomato juice (1 cup) and some veggie soup base, and a cup of water.. Voila!
This is a great picture in the last weeks of our garden season. You can see our dying tomoto plants next to the HUGE squash and zucchini plant. You can see our green peppers and the green beans and our corn in the far right... the three upper left plants were cabbage!!
Look Ma I got the squash! The kids are so happy we are going to actually feed them today... ha ha ha ha thats what Natalie looks like at least.. so giddy!
And lastly this is what my counter would look like on a good day from the garden. Notice the ONE small tomato and the way over grown zucchini.. beets beets beets... I so needed inspiration for so many of those beets. I donated most to our care and share and the zoo. 
Now go visit Vegan.com and watch the monkey ride the segwey.


Celine said...

I am a bad, bad girl and don't take any supplements. I know, I know.
cute kiddos!

River said...

Awesome garden! Your girls are so cute and excited about their squash!
Thanks for your nice comment on my blog! :)

JohnP said...

Beautiful garden!!

Ladybug said...

Your garden looks great! I wish my zuchini had grown that well. I accidentally killed in back in August by breaking the stem. Whoops. And your kids are adorable! :)

Sher said...

You have a beautiful garden and your harvest looks awesome! How long have you been gardening? I want to start a garden next year, since we just bought our first home.