Thursday, October 30, 2008

Give and take

Well its been said  "it is better to give than to receive"....
I thought todays post would be about giving, and receiving. First this is a picture of one loaf from the zucchini cake recipe on ppk. Its Super EASY to make and so yummy. I probably have lived a month off one of these full recipes, but felt bad I wasnt sharing them. What is so fantastic about our new way of living is that it doesnt have to be "weird" food like powdered egg replacers... which just freak me out. I mean, I did go buy chickpea flour.. and arrow root powder.. But that seems like something that could be on anyones shelf. I dont want a simple stand in I want a replacement.. and through Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World, I was amazed at how there was delicousness just waiting to be claimed.. without the weird.
But you know.. its only weird cause I have used it yet.. I know there is a recipe out there that just might make me want to use it... but I dont know.. 
So this loaf was to share with my neighbor.
And... drum roll....
Another sweet thing happened today! No this isnt surfer talk, I mean I was really touched by an honorable mention and award (I think? maybe a nomination???)
Miss Marie.. whose blog I check immediately after my email... has given me an award of Excellence!!! (Miss universe fanning off tears.. lol)
No really, I am so touched that someone is finding a place for them.. in our little place for us.
so... if I could only figure out my Mac enough to save the little E.. I would paste it.
so keep an eye out for that.. hee hee
So... Sorry its not linked here for YOU to grab and add... yet
Here are the people I would like to award, though there are like 10 who I am always checking in on I will put it to four. In no certain order or labeling....
1. River from What can I say, she is on everyone's award list becuase she is just SOOOO amazing. They even gave her a shout out for ppk. They will most likely have her do a holiday book with Isa and Terry (we can hope right?) 
2. Jess from letsgetsconed.blogspot Her blogs are so vibrant and full of life, with great recipes.. photos and shoot from the hip humor. I may not know her personally, but I trust what she says about her food. I just might give making seitan at home a try!
3. Veganf from Well, the truth is.. this is the Mama that held my hand while I crossed over. My being here is a direct result from her great advice and recipes that my kids might even try. And you will be so impressed by the lunches she makes for her kiddos. I feel like I owe so much more than what this award gives.. but I HAD to include her in ANY awards I was giving.
4. Erik is my Hero!! I think I have written before that I just thought he had a great blog and wrote him a million questions and THEN I found out he was a WORLD FAMOUS author.. so yeah I am his first stalker too. But really you should ALL get plugged into his rss feed or whatever that is called. If Veganf brought me over it was Erik's compassionate persuasion that keeps me going. 
So make sure you check out where they are, and forgive me if my links are messed up and I could copy the award symbol.. we are getting there slowly!!


Miss Marie said...

Lucky for you I happen to be a mac goddess...

Hold down the control key and then click on the picture. Select "copy link" then you can insert it straight into an html code by pasting (apple-V)

Or, drag it to your desktop and then upload it to whatever you use for your pictures on your blog. :)

Let me know if you need more help. Mr. Beagle is actually a trainer at apple so I've learned a lot recently.

Miss Marie said...

Ps...if you want me to send you the html codes for links and images let me know. :)

That bread looks delicious. I've used the powdered egg replacer. Honestly, it works best in cookies because it tends to make things a little crisper than normal. I'd use other subs for things like bread. (like you did)

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

You are so sweet! Thanks <3

Keep up the fun bloggin'!

River said...

Umm.. I'm possitive I left a comment on this post but I think blogger ate it. Anyway, here it goes again!

Thank you so much for the excellent award!! YAY!! I don't think I've ever won an award for anything so you will always be the first person that ever gave me one! Or the only one if I don't ever get any others! :P

Bex said...

I love sharing food, baked goods are the most fun.

Anonymous said...