Saturday, December 6, 2008

my meals cant keep up with my camera

Burnt cookies (set a timer why dont you!!)
How yould you like it if a house fell on you? (our trip to the Oz Museum in Kansas)
Natalie Decorating the dyed vegan sugar cookies... (Yes sadly the icing isnt vegan.. with the margarine in the background.. But the cookies were so awful we didnt mind wasting margarine to ice them.. they will just hang on the Christmas tree)
Susan doing the deco. She looks so big here. I cant wait to get a recipe we love and make this a new tradition!
the world famous vegan zucchini bread from ppk. I finally got a bundt pan and isnt it beautiful? I still had some uncooked parts, but it was dark and I didnt want it burnt. Any suggestion?

On to my regular rantings etc....
So this week (well five days) we have been hitting the gym everyday. It was kinda easy when Jerami was home on Mon Tues and Weds.. we went in the a.m. or early afternoon. I kinda got dependent on him to be there and do things like put the girls coats in the cubbies and get my towel.. so when I went in on friday I had to keep back tracking because I forgot everything. Its been a week of great work outs but I am so tired and sore.. honestly, it seems like so much work for such little reward. I will remind myself of this pity party once I go down a size or increase my weights for strength training!
Anyhow, we have been living on smoothies and steamed veggies and occasional salad. That is until tonight. We picked up our 20 pounds of apples and 25 pounds of carrots (for juicing) and had a wonderful spaghetti dinner and I had a FANTASTIC salad with the miso and tahini dressing from Veganomicon.. I will even post the recipe!!
1/4 c miso (light but I used dark)
1/4 c tahini
1/3 c warm water.... whisk and tada! It was so amazingly delicious. Maybe I was just starving.
I will be making the baby bok choy again this week and will have that posted. I have been busy with work, work outs.. and working on posting things on craigslist for sale.. that I apolgize about my posting and lack of... I have also missed reading your blogs.. I should get them delivered to my email!
Hope you are all doing fantastic, Melanie


Sanja said...

Burnt or not, those cookies look nice to me!

Becks - Not a Rabbit. said...

You're blogging up a storm today! You have totally made up for lost time.
And that bread looks awesome!

TacyAnne said...

On the bundt...have you tried covering it with foil once it "looks" done...It works for banana and pumpkin breads, why not this?


what a great idea! I wondered if you could do that Tacy, so thanks for letting me know! It was always so sad to have to cut that off.
Becks!! Yes If only I could do those cool photos and captions, I might even earn a vacation! I think I am caught up with pics so, lets see if consistency will help.
Sanja, I wish that they had tasted good too! For some reason the icing I made with soymilk had a weird after taste like aspartame.. ?? oh well still fun!

River said...

Your girls are some serious little bakers! Their cookies are so pretty!
Funny how some people want to lose and some want to gain! Crazy world!

Studio222 Photography said...

MMMM. I love homemade dressing!

Miss Marie said...

Oops, that was me ^