Sunday, December 7, 2008

Did I steal a post from YOUR blog

So often I enjoy finding great blogs and reading them. Is it becuase I can relate or because they make me feel normal, maybe they inspire me to go a little further???

This one just makes me laugh.. in a .. yeah me too isnt that funny sort of way. So I stole this from a great blog and here it is:

If I only have 30 seconds before I have to leave the house in the morning, and I have the choice of:
a. pouring a travel mug of coffee so I can function in my community
b. putting on makeup to hide the sagging bags under my eyes
c. making sure my kids are not dressed like orphans
d. making the beds

I'm choosing D hands down.
Now do you think I'm nuts? Huh? Now do ya?


TacyAnne said...

Can I choose none of the above...really, it would be a...but modified to be a piece of bread or hot cocoa, as I don't do coffee! And yes, you are nuts, but you don't have to keep proving it again and again! :)

River said...

E- Get back inside and change because I noticed I'm still wearing my PJ's. I am not a morning person! :P


Tacy, I just thought this was funny. Usually I am running late and we all look like orphans, and could use a jolt, and the beds are unmade.. yadda yadda..
Its so funny that the girls ask "are we late"..
River, I once ran out with no shoes on, which isnt that abnormal for me.. but I was going to drive somewhere!

Agnesss =) said...

Hey hey!!

Thank you for the nice comment on my blog!! =)) I'll be happy to "see' you again!! =D

Oh oh...I don't know what I'd choose from those things hah..!! Well,grab some of my raw (pre-made) bars,cookies etc. =P and take my face lotion/cream with me =D (to use it later haha!!=D)

How are you doing??? How are your kiddies..??! =DD

Miss Marie said...

I'd pick A LOL

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