Monday, September 21, 2009

snow, sick people.. and fuax (host)ess cupcakes.

Today we had our first snow fall. I felt like such a good mommy as I made sure Susan had on her rain boots and little rain coat. Its moments like these, that I know she may not understand how fortunate she is, and how there are many kids today that did have a rain coat and boots to keep them warm and dry. Sometimes I still struggle to be so different from my own mother and the upbringing I did not receive, for what ever reasons. But instead of a constant comparison, I just felt proud of the person I was able to become. And glad that it included my daughter being well taken care of.
After I dropped her off to school I came back home. Jerami stayed with Natalie since he is home sick from work today. I am really hoping its not swine flu. Not that I really have a valid reason to think it is, but these days you never know. While he was resting Natalie and I made cupcakes. Susan has told her that while she is busy at school that we should be busy making her treats for when she gets home. Her birthday is coming up and I needed to try out the recipe so I can bring them in for school.
Our school is nut free, and we have a friend that is dairy free. This works fine since I am still trying to be true to the "vegan thing" I have to be honest. I haven't been 100 percent loyal. (that's probably the reason you havent seen me lately.)
So here they are, I made mini cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, the cake itself is just the basic chocolate.. the icing and swirls are from the hostess remakes.. no filling though.. I mean I only had to much time before she got back from school!
I am excited to say that I will be trying my very own recipe for lara bars.. this will be the first time in my vegan baking history that I am going to.. so to say "wing it" and make something not 100% out of a cook book. I am trying to gear up for VeganMofo.. and work toward my own healthier food choices. For now its one recipe.. and maybe that is all it will be, but its a start!!


Debra said...

looks great! The pictures look awesome!

veganf said...

What great eye candy for VeganMofo! I've been thinking of doing those cupcakes too! They look awesome!

Boston bankruptcy attorney said...

These remind me of Ding Dongs! I miss those.