Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'd like to call this post "immature"

What I am really talking about though, is young coconuts. Have you had one before. I saw someone from the raw community loving it.. so I bought one at the store today.
All I want to know is, what was wrong with mine? I got it open with only a little bit of trouble, but now that I have done it I know how with confidence.
But will I have it again? Mine was really yucky. I even added carob powder and a little splenda.. eek. I mixed up the coconut water and the meat/jelly and blended all I listed above.
People actually drink this water straight out of the coconut? Is this something you either love or hate?
I hope you'll post and that it will give me hope. Hope enough to try again.. with better recipes or maybe knowing if I didnt pick a good one. All I read is not to eat them if they are even a little pink. Mine was bright white.. and not very good.
Sorry for a negative post. This is just my opinion, and I usually like just about everything. Okay swiss chard and I dont mix either.. but that is another post!

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