Monday, July 20, 2009

what's on the menu

We have this new store in town called the sunshine farmers market. They have the most reasonable prices even compared to our commissary for produce. I am in a phase where I am not eating meat or starches.. starches being the new 86'ed item, but its just for a while.
I was able to buy a TON of stuff for only 35 bucks!!

Anyhow I found lobster mushrooms and cant wait to build a meal around them.
Our garden is doing well, I picked a handful of peas this morning and the radishes are all finished producing. There have been four zucchini and that was just the time through.
My rhubarb is not doing well. It hasnt gotten any taller and the once giant patch that I gave some stalks away from hasnt bounced back yet. I think its the baby bird that took of residence for a while and left behind some little notes.

All in all, I am looking forward for the next two weeks when the cucumber and the tomatoes (which I am just waiting for them to turn red) can be enjoyed.

Still in the market for a camera... sorry no picks today. Hope everyone has a great week!


Tacy said...

MELANIE!!! It's been so long!! Check out my new blog at I'm saving so much and having so much fun doing it. I don't know how much would work with your diet...

So glad ya'll are settled and gardening and harvesting and all. My garden isn't producing like I thought it would. I need to plant some fall stuff. Next time you head down my way, holler and we'll try to meet up. We've been doing the park thing a LOT are you keeping busy this summer?

veganf said...

oooooh, I wish our local farmer's market had mushrooms.