Thursday, May 8, 2008

Our New Garden!!

Well we took a trip down to Bear Creek Regional Park to check out the Community Garden. And after reading some forms and signing my oath to work four hours between april-october on some other part of the garden.. we have our own little piece of heaven! Jerami has already decided he wants tomatoes, corn, onions, and peppers.. I want to have lettuce and peppers, and any beans we might be able to find that grow well out here. Wanting all those things and actually doing all that work (and spending that money per plant) well, we will just have to see. But I am so excited!! Here are the girls! If only they had hair pieces!! If you look right near Natalie's head there is a stake that shows where my garden ends on the east side. A little bit in front of Susan's foot would be where they will divide my plot with my neighbors, we both decided to only go half since its our first. She didnt see Jerami's wish list though. I have more pics but I am still figuring this blog out so I have to repost to get them on.. 

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veganf said...

Looks like they enjoyed the cupcakes!