Thursday, February 5, 2009

lazy days

Just checking in for the week. I have the chance to teach a friend about vegan lifestyle and particular getting more protein in her diet. She isnt vegan but her diet lacks variety. One of the great things about my lifestyle is it never has to be boring. I let it get that way, but I think we all have our ruts we get in.
Tonight we are just making a pasta dish, but I hope to have some good posts, reminiscent of vegan mofo's consistent posts.
Sweet dreams :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

While we were out snowboarding the kids went to the snowmobiles.
Here we are with the girls after ice skating for a few hours. 
This is frosty, they were doing a movie of some kind and asked us to skate around with frosty.
But instead while frosty was skating backwards and Jerami was spinning the girls on the sled... Frosty got tripped up!
And here I am.. yes doesnt this look graceful? I fell 2 seconds later!! :) 
We forgot to bring cameras during the snowboarding. But it really happened! I was able to get up on the board, not heel side like I tried last time.. but toeside instead. We went for about six hours or so while the kids were off snowmobiling with the grandparents. I had to snowboard backwards most of the time.. which I was totally fine with, I just couldnt seem to get control while going down faced forward. I started to feel that my shoes were too small, and I ended up walking down one of the longer runs.. Maybe I walke 1.5 to 2 miles? I did however stop and sit down when there was a pretty spot to enjoy the view.
We had a great trip, and some friends came out to ski while we were snow boarding. What a fun weekend! Hope you enjoyed the pictures, I found my camera!!! yay!