Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where did I put my camera??

I just have to gush for a minute about VeganDad. We had his winter vegetable pot pie, and this is our third time this year to have it!! I really am so impressed with his blog and the hard work he is doing making great food. I dont have the culinary ambitions that he has, but I hope to add a good collection of wonderful recipes like his to my great endeavor of cooking for the kids.
did that make sense? It IS 630 am as I write this!!!
Anyway I cant find my camera. If you know me, then you will know that in one word FLAKE describes me best. My best friend from college says my life quote is "where is MINE" since I am always losing things... ha ha ha ha
(maybe its also cause I am a little spoiled hee hee)
So today our weather is FREEZING.. yesterday though it was 12 degrees we had a wind factor of -9!
We are heading to a place called poor richards, that has a play area, coffee shop, and toy store all rolled together. Susan has been trying to spend the money in her piggy bank... so here is the chance. Its supposed to have some great vegan options, and I am feeling a bit adventurous.
This weekend we are going to Keystone and I am hoping to get up "heelside" on the snow board, I had such a hard time on that last time..
But most of all today I want to BEG you to read.. please please please... go get "the time traveler's wife" by Audrey Niffenegger.
I read it and wanted to see if she has written anything else, and when I googled it I saw they are making a movie out of it.
I think it will be like the notebook, and not just because Rachel is playing the leading woman!!
If you have read it, will you let me know what you thought??
I am still suffering from time travel envy.. lol

Monday, January 19, 2009

Where have you been?

You know, I want to say.. though I may not be posting much, I do still enjoy reading your blogs! Thanks for the kind nudge to get back.
So what is new?
Well, I am 29! Yes this really is the first time being 29 and I dont feel so old that want to "be 29 again, next year."
But I did however wake up with a horrible viral thing that made me think I was on the fast track to being ninety. I had sore joints all over and a weird rash on my joints. Luckily they blasted me with prednizone for five days and I feel better.
What else is new? Well I am glad you ask... I got my cholesterol down to 170... from 205 in July. I worked really hard, you know.. making great vegan meals and cupcakes.. it was such an effort, I cant imagine how anyone could live like this.. okay so I am kidding!! Anyone could choose to live like this.
Now, its not ALL pretty here. I did try to make a seitan loaf and it was a big flop! I dont know if I did something wrong, but I know I didnt follow vegan dad's way... so I am not giving up yet.
So now I am trying to figure out what to do next. And that is why I am quiet. I am sorry. I am looking into lots of books, on arthritis, on heart disease and on cancer. All things that are in my family and I am predisposed to. I feel like after giving my cholesterol the old 1-2-punch, that I want to tackle other things.
We are also looking at maybe getting a house, and I dont know if I will blog about that... I guess it does go along with how we are growing.
Lastly, I want to say that I got a cute pair of peacock earrings that I saw on a fantastic blog I LOVE. It makes me feel a little bit connected even though I know I have been in hiding.
So here is to "more to come".

If you want help with your cholesterol with out living off cheerios I would love to help. Even if you do still occasionally eat meat, I would love to help!!